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Metaract combines edge crushing riffs, stomping grooves and hook-laden melodies, paying tribute to all eras of metal – while carving out their own unique path in New Zealand metal. Coupled with a ferocious, super high energy live show, Metaract leaves the audience gasping for air while still wanting more.

Metaract’s sound pulls from various sources of inspiration as all of the members hail from different sections of the hard rock and metal spectrum. Not wanting to sound specific to any sub-genre of metal, they embrace whatever comes out during the writing process: speed/thrash, 80’s raunch, hard rock, punk, nu metal and more.

  • Vocals/Guitars – Chris Yong
  • Guitars – Sharne Scarborough
  • Bass – Victor Pesch
  • Drums – Clayton Gould

“Our debut single, CPR (Start Again), is basically about the madness happening in the world. We can either passively watch and do nothing, or actively do something to fix the mistakes of the past,” says Chris.

CPR (Start Again) was recorded and mixed by award winning engineer, Dave Rhodes, at Depot Sound Studios and mastered by Sage Audio in the USA.